ARKEN OPTICS EP-8 Product Manual

Welcome to the ARKEN OPTICS EP-8 Product Manual. This comprehensive guide designed to enhance the user experience with this exceptional LPVO scope. It covers every aspect, from initial installation and zeroing to advanced features like the Kill Box (KLBOX) reticle and variable power adjustments. The manual ensures users can confidently utilize the scope's capabilities, whether they are tactical teams or competitive shooters.

EP-8 1-8X28 FFP LPVO Product Manual

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Identification / Characteristics

Mounting Tips and Tricks

Focusing the EP-8 / Setting the Diopter

Variable Power Adjustment Throw Lever Installation

Ensure your firearm is unloaded before proceeding. If you pause use and then resume later, reconfirm that the chamber is still empty. WARNING

Windage and Elevation Adjustments

Units of Measure Zero your EP-8 8X Magnification

Sample problems for 5.56 Sample problems for 7.62

Illuminated Reticle Adjustment Battery Replacement (CR2032) Setting to "0" Slip (if desired)

The KL BOX Reticle

Using the KL BOX - Frame and Fire! EP-8 Measurement Reference

Welcome EP-8 1-8x28 FFP LPVO

The EP-8 1-8x28 Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO) is a cutting-edge addition to Arken Optics’ impressive lineup. This LPVO is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance. It's designed to meet the demands of both tactical teams and competitive shooters, providing versatility and ensuring you have the opportunity to take that perfect shot when you need it. Bridging the Gap with Unmatched Versatility Whether you’re transitioning from holographic or red-dot optics to a higher magnification scope, the EP-8 effortlessly bridges the gap. This LPVO excels in Close Quarters Combat (CQC) situations, a feature not traditionally associated with high- magnification optics. This versatility is a game-changer, ensuring you're prepared for any encounter, from rapid target acquisition to increasing your chance at hitting ranged shots with ease.

Seamless Transition from 1X to 8X The EP-8’s unique design allows for swift adjustments between 1X and 8X magnification. With its thin edges and expansive Field of View (FOV), you’ll experience true 1X performance, perfect for close-quarters engagements. When the situation demands extended range, a quick throw of the lever seamlessly transitions you to 8X magnification, instantly expanding your effective range and enhancing your accuracy. ARKEN OPTICS invites you to explore the EP-8's exceptional capabilities. This LPVO was crafted to meet the needs of shooters, providing clarity, identification, and adaptability. With the EP-8, you're equipped to dominate a lot of shooting scenarios, from rapid response situations to long-range engagements.


EP-8 Specifications

Magnification: Objective Diameter: Eye Relief: FOV @ 1X: FOV @ 8X: Tube Size: Turret Adjustment:

Elevation Adj. Range: Windage Adj. Range: Illuminated Reticle: Turret Rotation:

1X-8X 28mm 3.74"

110 MOA 110 MOA Red Counter Clockwise (CCW)

121.15’ 22 deg 14.56’ 2.78 deg 34mm 1/4 MOA FFP BDC Style - KLBOX

Color: Weight: Sunshade: Battery Included: Throw Lever:

Matte Black 21oz. No CR2032 Integrated / Removable

Reticle Position: Reticle Details:




Identification / Characteristics








A. Eyepiece / Ocular Lens B. Diopter / Ocular Focus Ring C. Magnification Ring / Throw Lever D. Illumination Turret E. Battery Cap

F. Elevation Turret (Turret caps screw over turret) G. Windage Turret (Turret caps screw over turret) H. Objective Lens



Mounting Tips and Tricks

When it comes to securing your EP-8 to your firearm, getting it right the first time is crucial for accurate shooting. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your scope is mounted correctly on your rifle.

We recommend using ARKEN OPTICS USA Mounts: Select mounts designed to complement ARKEN scopes, ensuring a seamless and stable connection between your scope and rifle. Clean and Degrease: Before mounting, clean the mounting surfaces on both the rifle and the scope. Remove any old oil or residue to ensure a solid connection. Torque Wrench is Your Friend: Use a torque wrench to tighten screws to our specifications. This ensures consistent pressure and prevents over-tightening. Properly Level the Scope: A leveling tool helps ensure the scope is perfectly aligned with the rifle. This step is often overlooked but is crucial for accuracy. Eye Relief: Position the scope to achieve the proper eye relief for your shooting style. This is the distance between your eye and the scope.

Bore Sighting: Before finalizing the mounting, perform a bore sight. This gets your scope on paper before you head to the range for fine-tuning. Recheck and Test: After mounting, recheck all screws for tightness. Take your rifle to the range and test for accuracy. Consider Recoil: If you’re mounting on a high-recoil rifle, ensure there’s enough eye relief to prevent scope bite. Apply Thread Locker Sparingly: Use a small amount of thread locker on screws and bolts to prevent them from loosening due to recoil vibrations. Consult a Professional: If you’re unsure, seek advice from a professional gunsmith. They can ensure your scope is mounted perfectly.

A well-mounted scope can make a world of difference in your shooting experience. Following these tips will help you achieve the best results with your scope.


Focusing the EP-8 / Setting the Diopter

1. Begin with the magnification ring set at 1X. 2. Keep both eyes open and ensure proper eye relief, ensuring there’s no shadowing around the edges of your view. 3. Gradually rotate the ocular ring to align the peripheral view with the internal view seen through the optic. 4. Continue adjusting until you achieve a flat, distortion-free image and a crisp, clear reticle. 5. Ensure there’s no deviation in the image from the peripheral to the internal view — this is the hallmark of a true 1X magnification setting. This calibration process ensures that your EP-8 delivers optimal performance, providing you with a genuine 1X magnification experience.

Variable Power Adjustment

1. Begin with the magnification ring set at 1X. 2. Rotate the magnification ring until the indicator aligns with the desired power level marked on the ocular housing. 3. Gradually increase the magnification for a closer view of your target. The EP-8 scope offers a versatile range from 1X for quick acquisition to 8X for honing in on distant details.

ARKEN EP-8 Throw Lever

1. Begin by locating the raised tab on the magnification ring of your EP-8 scope. 2. Take the provided Throw Lever and screw it into the threaded hole in a clockwise direction. Ensure it is snug but avoid over tightening, as this can lead to thread or slot damage. 3. With the Throw Lever in place, you now have an extension for your magnification adjustments. This enhancement allows for rapid and precise changes.


Windage and Elevation Adjustments

Making precise adjustments to windage (horizontal) and elevation (vertical) settings on your EP-8 scope is crucial for achieving accurate shots. Follow these steps to master this process: 1. Locate the Turrets: Identify the windage and elevation turrets on the scope body. Looking directly at the eyepiece, the windage turret is located on the right side, and the elevation turret is on top. The windage and elevation turrets are the only turrets that have caps on them that cover them completely. 2. Understand the Directional Movements: Windage: Turning the windage turret clockwise moves the point of impact to the left and counter clockwise moves it to the right. Elevation: Rotating the elevation turret clockwise lowers the point of impact and counter clockwise raises it. 3. Making Adjustments: Windage: Use the windage turret to move the point of impact horizontally, aligning it with your point of aim. Elevation: Utilize the elevation turret to adjust the point of impact vertically, aligning it with your point of aim. 4. Recording Changes: Keep track of the adjustments made. Scopes use Minute of Angle (MOA) or Milliradian (MRAD) measurements for precision. 5. Fine-Tuning: Fire additional shots, making minor adjustments as needed to achieve the desired point of impact. Remember, each click of the turret represents a specific angular measurement. Familiarize yourself with your scope’s specifications to interpret adjustments accurately.


Units of Measure


200 yd

300 yd

400 yd

500 yd

600 yd

700 yd

800 yd

100 yd










200 yd

300 yd

400 yd

500 yd

600 yd

700 yd

800 yd

100 yd










Zero your EP-8

Utilizing the EP-8 8X Magnification

1. Bore-Sighting Preparation: Begin by bore-sighting your rifle. This ensures that the initial shots are close to the point of aim. 2. Firing Initial Rounds: Fire a series of three to five rounds at the target. 3. Measure POA vs. POI: Determine the difference between the point of aim (POA) and the point of impact (POI). Use the reticle or a measuring device on the target. 4. Adjust Elevation and Windage: Using the adjustment turrets, make necessary changes to align the POA with the POI. 5. Confirmation Rounds: Fire an additional three to five rounds to verify the zero. Continue adjustments until the POA and POI coincide. Please note: Each click of the turret represents a specific angular measurement. Familiarize yourself with your scope’s specifications for accurate adjustments. Standard information required: Bullet weight, caliber, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, and atmospherics. Zero to 50/200 Yards

Follow these steps to utilize the 8X magnification feature effectively: 1. Zeroing at 50/200 Yards: Begin by zeroing your rifle at a distance of 50 or 200 yards. 2. Utilize a Ballistic App: Employ a ballistic application to calculate the elevation adjustments needed for distances of 600 and 800 yards. Keep in mind the bullet’s Ballistic Coefficient (BC). Note: For bullets with a low BC, the true distance will be 600 yards. For those with a high BC, it will be 800 yards. Refer to the provided reference chart for guidance. 3. Adjust the Elevation: From the KLBOX center mass hold on the reticle, subtract the calculated MOA value for the respective distance (600 or 800 yards). Example: For 600 yards: Subtract -14.78 MOA For 800 yards: Subtract -26.12 MOA 4. Elevation Turret Adjustment: Based on the result obtained, make adjustments to your Elevation Turret: If the value is positive, **ADD** it to your Elevation Turret. If the value is negative, **SUBTRACT** it from your Elevation Turret.

True to 600 True to 800


62gr 77gr


By diligently following these steps, you’ll be able to effectively utilize the 8X magnification feature on your EP-8 scope, ensuring accurate and precise shooting at extended distances. The following pages offer sample problems for reference.


168gr 175gr



Sample Problems for 5.56


VELOCITY (FT/SEC) 2720 2475



100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800

0.6 0.0 -0.8 -1.8 -3.1 -4.4 -6.1 -8.1 -13.2 -10.5

2242.8 2023.2 1817.1 1622.2 1441 1284.6 1158.8 998.8 1066.1

-2.9 -6.3

-10.5 -15.3 -21.1 -27.9 -45.3 -36 -26.12 -27.9 1.78

1000 900

KLBOX solution @ 800 Ballistic Solution @ 800

(Positive # means we ADD) Dial (+) 1.75 MOA to Elevation Turret (rounded to nearest 1/4 MOA adjustment)


Sample Problems for 7.62






100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800

2424.5 2255.8 2093.7 1938.6 1790.7 1648.3 1515.8 1394.6 1193.8 1286.6

0.6 0.0 -0.8 -1.8 -2.9 -4.1 -5.5 -7.1 -10.9 -8.9

-2.9 -6.2 -10 -14.2 -19 -24.4 -37.4 -30.5 -26.12 -24.4 -1.72

1000 900

KLBOX solution @ 800 Ballistic Solution @ 800

(Negative # means we subtract) Dial (-) 1.75 MOA to Elevation Turret (rounded to nearest 1/4 MOA adjustment)


Illuminated Reticle Adjustment Your EP-8 scope features a daylight-visible, externally adjustable illumination for enhanced visibility.

Here’s how to effectively manage it:

1. Locating the Illumination Turret: The illumination turret is conveniently positioned opposite the windage turret for easy access. 2. Battery Cap Placement: It’s important to note that the battery cap for the illumination turret is situated on top. However, rotating the battery cap will not affect the illumination settings. 3. Activating the Illuminated Reticle: To activate the illuminated reticle, simply rotate the external dial: **1 through 9** adjusts the intensity of the illumination. **0** represents the "off" setting. 4. Conserving Battery Life: When not in use, always ensure the scope is set to **0** to prevent unnecessary drainage of the CR2032 battery. 5 . Environmental Considerations: Keep in mind that lighting conditions and the environment can impact the optimal setting. In low light, excessive illumination may lead to unintended effects. The EP-8 uses a CR2032 battery, located within the illuminated reticle turret (opposite side of the windage turret). You’ll find the battery cap positioned atop this turret. To access, install, or replace the battery, rotate the cap counterclockwise. It will gradually come off, revealing the designated battery slot. Ensure that the positive side (+) of the battery is oriented towards the top. Replace the cap on top and turn it clockwise by hand to securely seal the battery. Be sure to tighten it appropriately, taking care not to cross- thread it. Use a comfortable level of hand strength for sealing. Battery Replacement


Setting to "0" slip, if desired:

1. Unscrew the EP-8 toolless retention center cap. Hold the outer body of the turret in place to ensure it doesn’t move during this process. Slide the turret to "0": 2. Slide off the numbered cap. Rotate and align the "0" indicator mark of the numbered cap with the indicator mark on the scope tube. Slide the cap back onto the main body. Screw in the EP-8 toolless retention center cap. Take care not to cross-thread. 3.


Introducing the KL Box Reticle (KL - Known Length)

Easy Distance Reference Extending diagonally below the centerline, the outer numerical markers represent distances in yards. Those along the right and left edges serve as general references, each denoting 100-yard intervals starting at 400 yards. 4 = 400 yards | 5 = 500 yards | 6 = 600 yards | 7 = 700 yards | 8 = 800 yards Wind Assistance and Moving Targets A dot adjacent to each number signifies a 7mph wind hold for 5.56 and a 10mph wind hold for 7.62. The arrows flanking the centerline provide approximate holds for moving targets in their respective directions. With the KL BOX Reticle, aligning a silhouette target becomes a seamless process. By using natural reference points like shoulder, torso, and head measurements, you can swiftly gauge the distance. Engineered with combat effectiveness in mind, this reticle simplifies distance estimation within the operational range of 1X-8X. This means quicker target acquisition and more effective shots down range. Frame and Fire! The KL BOX Reticle is a revolutionary Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) style design carefully crafted to enhance performance in high-pressure scenarios. Engineered around a blend of the renowned 5.56 and 7.62 cartridges, this reticle leverages an overlay of ballistic data, pinpointing the optimal ballistic model for targeting and firing solutions, seamlessly integrated into one system for you.


EP-8 Measurement Reference



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